Enjoy Spring with These 6 Outdoor Exercise Ideas

boot-camp-exerciseSpring is almost here! Everyone gets excited about spring – it warms up, the snow melts, there are longer days and much better weather. That means there are more opportunities to get out and about and move your workout from the gym, treadmills and trainers to outdoors. Added bonus – get your daily vitamin D from the sun when you’re working out outside! Here are some exercise ideas to sculpt your body with little more than you, a park and some motivation:

  1. If you live in Columbia, head down to the State House and do some running or lunging steps using the State House steps. This is a favorite outdoor workout for local Columbia residents so you’re likely to find others doing the same. Can’t make it to the State House? Try a parking garage or bleacher steps at your local high school.
  2. Get out to a local park and use a park bench, picnic bench or park amphitheater for doing step ups, push-ups, dips, or (carefully) plyometric jumps. These exercises are great for shaping those glutes.
  3. Head to a local playground and utilize the monkey bars for pull-ups or whatever else you can conjure up with the equipment available. Think American Ninja Warrior or check out this video for a playground workout.
  4. Find a local track for interval running workouts. All great distance runners find time for speed work to keep their fast-twitch muscles active. Try to find local green ways for running and biking.
  5. With a yoga mat and a couple small weights or a medicine ball there are an infinite number of exercises you can do in any park or playground and be surrounded by nature instead of the confines of a gym. Check out this video for some medicine ball inspiration.
  6. If you’re close to a high school practice football field, see if they have tractor tires or tackling dummies or sleds you can use, or smaller tires are great for footwork.

With these six exercise ideas, there’s no excuse not to get out and get fit this spring. Interested in joining a more structured workout, check out our boot camps and contact us if you’d like to join us at Lyerly Fitness!